Associated Image:Vision Rehabilitation Duo Broadens Awareness

Vision Rehabilitation Duo Broadens Awareness

Vision Rehabilitation Duo Broadens Awareness

Vision Rehabilitation Duo Broadens Awareness

Wendy Cochran, COTA, and Eric Mills, Orientation and Mobility Instructor, from Vision Rehabilitation participated in two community events aimed at educating people about the services of the Lighthouse.The pair attended a free vision screening for adults and children hosted by the Lions Club at Lakeside Mall on August 26. The event was an opportunity to promote the services available at Lighthouse Louisiana and the products offered for low vision and blind individuals.

The duo traveled to the Northshore August 30 to participate in Chevron’s Disability Awareness Workshop. The presentation aimed to increase disability awareness, offer hands-on simulation stations, and highlight the importance of self-advocacy for Chevron’s employees.

Cochran and Mills managed several simulation activities where participants were blindfolded, including having them listen and feel for clues and landmarks as they walked with a white cane.

“We also had participants pour water into a glass while blindfolded,” said Cochran. “We showed them how to use their fingertip on the glass to know when to stop pouring and to avoid spillage.”

The team displayed magnifiers, UV shields, talking devices, and tactical markers to modify home appliances, remote controls, etc. They also distributed information on Lighthouse services and programs for low vision and blind individuals.

“We shared resources and information on getting started with Lighthouse Louisiana in order to learn techniques and adaptations to promote independence with daily living skills, mobility, and safety awareness, and the essentials to maintaining an improved quality of life,” said Cochran.