Associated Image:Spooky Fest is Halloween Highlight for Kids

Spooky Fest is Halloween Highlight for Kids

Spooky Fest is Halloween Highlight for Kids

Lighthouse Louisiana was alive with Halloween spirit as more than 40 little goblins came to the New Orleans campus to celebrate Spooky Fest on October 21. The annual event drew Lighthouse youth consumers, their siblings and families, and the families of Lighthouse staff for fun and festivity. Among the highlights were face painting, miniature sailboat races, craft activities, and numerous games, such as Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin and Wrap your Friend as a Mummy. Volunteers from Delta Gamma Sorority at Loyola University and the Lighthouse team, including staff from the Production Department, helped manage the events. Lion’s Club of Marrero volunteers entertained the crowd with food, music, and dancing in the break room, what was jokingly referred to as the “real party.”

“Spooky Fest was a great success,” said Occupational Therapist Margaret Sheperd, MOT, LOTR, who organized the event for the first time. “Everyone was very enthusiastic about the event, and all of the departments contributed their ideas and energy to make sure this was a memorable and fun experience for the kids.”

The winner of the Costume Contest was Zombie Cheerleader Sadie Guidry, age 5, who acted the part during the entire event.

Vision Rehabilitation was a two-time winner of the Door Decorating Contest with their creation, Haunted Pirate Ship.