Now Hear This

Now Hear This!

Lighthouse Louisiana’s Deaf Services Department helps to connect the region’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing with accessible devices and free interpretive services.

Through the Hearing Aid Program (HAP), low-income seniors who meet eligibility requirements have access to hearing aids at no cost to them. About 280 residents received hearing aids in 2023 in 23 neighboring parishes.

The Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) provides equipment to improve accessibility in the home and daily communication. Adaptive devices, such as amplified and caption phones, alert systems, TTY phones, and personal alert devices, allow users to communicate over the phone and receive vibrating and visual alerts. More than 104 residents every year are loaned equipment who meet eligibility requirements.

Lighthouse Louisiana provides limited interpreting services for people who use ASL through the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf when resources are unavailable or the ADA is not applicable to ensure access to public and private services. Consideration is given for such services as governmental, healthcare, occupational, and public/community/civil service. Special consideration may be provided for DeafBlind individuals.

For more information on Deaf Services through the Lighthouse, visit

To reach the New Orleans office, contact Katelyn Billiot – Deaf Services Program Specialist, at, or call 504-899-4501, ext. 244

To reach the Baton Rouge office, contact Brett Holland – Deaf Services Program Specialist, at, or call 225-529-2749, ext. 343