Associated Image:Loyola University and Lighthouse Give Consumers a Place to Shine

Loyola University and Lighthouse Give Consumers a Place to Shine

Loyola University and Lighthouse Give Consumers a Place to Shine

Loyola University and Lighthouse Give Consumers a Place to Shine

For nearly 10 years, Lighthouse Louisiana has partnered with Loyola University to give individuals with disabilities meaningful employment. These consumers can be found in Loyola’s Resident Dining Orleans Room, where they work in the front of the house or behind the scenes as dishwashers, line staff and dining room attendants.

“Our team members with disabilities are super productive and create an inclusive work environment,” said Jennifer Evans, Food Service Manager II, Loyola University-Resident Dining. “Having them as a part of our team increases workplace empathy, patience and overall social responsibility.”

Loyola currently employs five consumers who are part of Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) Supported Employment and Time-Limited Job Coaching programs. At Loyola, these team members are not defined by their limitations, but rather their positive contribution to the Resident Dining environment.

“We are committed to welcoming our employees to bring their whole selves to work in an effort to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace,” said Evans. “It is an absolute joy to have them be a part of our team, to be able to teach them new skillsets, help boost confidence in themselves and build social skills.”

“Partnerships with community organizations such as Loyola University provide opportunities to diversify the workforce and bring a greater awareness to Competitive Integrated Employment where it relates to people with disabilities,” said Natalie Harrison, CESP, Director of Employment Services. “This work environment is empowering to the individuals we serve because they are able to provide information on their disability type and prove that people with disabilities are strong contributors to the workforce.”

Lighthouse’s Employment Services Department assists both the consumer and the employer, ensuring a smooth transition to employment and job retention.

The Lighthouse team has provided amazing support to our disabled team members. During the selection process, they effectively communicate the type of accommodations needed, offer position suggestions around physical or cognitive challenges, and support the candidates through the onboarding and training processes,” said Evans. “Lighthouse has been nothing less than awesome!”

To learn more about the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities, contact Employment Services at (504) 899-4501, ext. 259.