Lighthouse welcomes new staff members for September

Deaf Services Welcomes Billiot

Katelyn Billiot joined Lighthouse Louisiana August 1 as a Deaf Services Program Specialist. With an associate’s degree in American Sign Language Interpreting from Delgado Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Upper Iowa University, she is eager to jumpstart her career in a field that has drawn her interest since she was a child.

Billiot is from Kenner, La., where she currently lives with her boyfriend and their two cats, Chanel and Armani. Her favorite way to stay active is roller-skating. She also enjoys crocheting, and has created many unique pieces, most recently a cat couch designed exclusively for Chanel.

Carr to Shine as Employment Specialist

Loushawntha Shine Carr joined Lighthouse as an Employment Specialist I August 21. She has held various management positions at Wal-Mart and Goodwill Industries, where she became interested in working with people with disabilities. Witnessing the achievements of clients and the joy they expressed piqued her interest in continuing to serve this population.

Carr recently relocated to New Orleans, her home town, from Dallas, Texas. She is excited to be a first-time mom—her son just turned 1—and is engaged. She is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human resources and business management from Southern University of New Orleans, which she aims to complete in May 2024. Carr finds peace at the river front, where she likes to sit and watch the water. She is an avid reader and enjoys learning about history and cultures.

True to her name, Shine will often grab her hairbrush and use it as a microphone when giving spontaneous concerts for her family, a habit she developed as a young girl always seeking the spotlight. Employment Services is happy to have her join the team and help her light Shine brighter throughout the Lighthouse.

Mason to Manage Baton Rouge Service Center

A mother of four, Tamara Mason has learned how to handle a busy family, especially having two children with disabilities. Thus, she is well prepared to manage the Baton Rouge Service Center and leaves a 10-year career as a healthcare clinical access rep to do so. Working with people with disabilities is a passion for Mason, and she appreciates being in a better position to advocate for them and help them access services, find and keep meaningful employment, and be active members of their community.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Mason enjoys food, family, and friends. She has a knack for interior decorating and candle making, and recently sold her 100% soy wax candles through an online boutique. When she has the time, she still makes her candles for family and friends.