Light the Way for Safe Trick-or-Treating

Light the Way for Safe Trick-or-Treating
Halloween can be a tricky time for children with low vision, with plenty of hazards lurking in unexpected places. To keep this favorite holiday fun and support trick-or-treaters with low vision, follow these safety tips from Lighthouse Louisiana’s Vision Rehabilitation team.
·      Illuminate your porch and path to your front door. This helps trick-or-treaters have the best chance at finding your door!
·      Clear the path to your front door and any nearby sidewalks to prevent any tripping on unnecessary objects, where possible. 
·      If you have steps to your front door, consider adding colored decorations or additional lighting to prevent falling. 
·      When opening your front door, greet trick-or-treaters with caution. Children with low vision may not see you right away, and approaching them too quickly or loudly may startle them. 
·      If a trick-or-treater is taking a while to pick from your bowl, state what’s in the bowl aloud to help them distinguish between different wrappers.

BONUS: Place the candy in the child’s hand instead of simply throwing the candy in the child’s bag to give them the satisfaction of taking the candy themselves!