Hurricane preparedness: Know your Zone and Plan Ahead

Hurricane preparedness: Know your Zone and Plan Ahead

  • Coordinate your departure with people who will be traveling with you.
  • If necessary, check with local officials for shelter locations. (Download the FREE Red Cross Emergency App to find shelters near you.)
  • Notify an out-of-area person of your plans.
  • Secure your home.
  • Grab your go bag.
  • Double check evacuation routes and leave.

Who Should Plan to Leave Early?

  • Residents of low-lying areas.
  • Persons living in manufactured housing.
  • Persons with special needs — including those with health or mobility-related concerns.

Those not in mandatory evacuation zones should consider leaving the area or sheltering safely nearby. If staying in your home:

  • Determine your best protection for high winds and flooding.
  • Take shelter in a designated storm shelter or an interior room for high winds.
  • Stay away from glass windows and doors.
  • Move to higher ground before flooding begins.
  • Never walk, swim, or try to drive through floodwater.
  • Remember: Turn Around! Don’t Drown!