Consumer Blooms at Dan’s Landscaping

Dan’s Landscaping in Gretna, La., joins a growing network of employers who can attest to the value individuals with disabilities bring to the workforce. The company recently worked with Lighthouse Louisiana to employ a consumer that is now thriving in his maintenance and landscape installation position. Hired in September 2022, the employee has won several “employee of the week” awards on a crew that handles both commercial and residential landscaping projects.
“His hard work and dedication goes above and beyond,” said Kristin Quarrella, General Manager. “Everyone on his crew enjoys working with him. Any work that is assigned to him, we know, will be done efficiently and with pride.”
Dan’s Landscaping collaborated with Lighthouse Louisiana to fill their open position, having never hired a person with a disability.
“They welcomed the consumer into their work environment and provided support and necessary accommodations, and job coaching to fully transition the consumer into his new position,” said Natalie Harrison, CESP, Director of Employment Services. “Partnerships like these help cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce, which is the goal of Lighthouse Louisiana’s Employment Services Department.”
“It has been a pleasure working with Lighthouse Louisiana,” said Quarrella. “You guys have been helpful in anything that we needed when our employee was onboarded and have checked in on him to see how he was doing. Any questions or needs that we had were met promptly. We appreciate your help along the way. We have gained an excellent employee. We cannot thank you guys enough!”