Autumn months carry threat of hurricanes

Autumn months carry threat of hurricanes
A departure from the oppressive heat of summer often coincides with the dismissal of a potential hurricane threat. But forecasters warn not to become too complacent. Hurricane season ends November 30, and most hurricane activity occurs between mid-August and mid-October. Thus, maintaining vigilance with preparation and planning is key to keeping you and your family safe this season.

Keep your go-kits handy and your emergency supplies stocked. Consider including the following if you have vision or hearing deficits:

For people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing:

A weather radio with text display and a flashing alert, along with extra batteries
Extra hearing-aid batteries
Text telephone (TTY) devices
Pen and paper in case you must communicate with someone who does not know sign language

For people who are blind or have low vision:

Mark emergency supplies with Braille labels or large print
Keep a list of your emergency supplies on a portable flash drive or make an audio file that is kept in a safe place and is accessible
Keep a Braille, or Deaf-Blind communications device in an emergency supply kit